Melissa Hogstrom

Welcome to Melissa Hogstrom dot com!

This site is going to be devoted to my new pet rat. I call her Melissa Hogstrom.

Here she is - please stare @MelissaHogstrom
Melissa Hogstrom

The inspiration for my naming her Melissa came from my experience in dealing with a hair salon stylist, and spa manager Melissa Hogstrom.

For over a year, Melissa lied, caused damage, and refused to pay rent for an apartment in the New York area. I made numerous attempts to work things out, but she continually refused (to this day) to repay her massive debts. Noting how manipulative and conniving she can be, I wanted to warn others into falling into the same trap -- a rat trap.

No one should have to carry the burden of someone else's irresponsibility, especially to the tune of thousands of dollars. My kindness was taken advantage of, and it is my hope that this website will prevent that from happening again with Melissa. Contrary to her belief, it's not "all about @melissahogstrom". Real people get hurt by her awfulness. The hope is anyone reading these words will know of her trouble, prior to getting involved with her.

Over the next few weeks, I hope to update this page often, to outline all of the important details of Melissa's behavior (with factual, public info) and all of the helpful tips in avoiding a partnership with her.

I'll be gradually adding to this site, so stay tuned. I'll also be making the site pretty; I feel bad asking everyone to bear with the ugliness of Melissa Hogstrom in the meantime -- especially since I had to for quite some time.